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Our mission is to supply customers with some of the world’s finest fruits and vegetables, ultimately striving to make people live a healthy lifestyle. We endeavor to be the best produce distributor in Metro Detroit, Michigan, delivering excellent products at fair pricing. We expect to deliver nothing less than an extraordinary produce and service  to our customers.

Why Order from Maceri Produce?

Honest and Dependable

We are passionate about the goods and services our team provides on a daily basis. Maceri Produce aims to build honest relationships providing our customers with products they need. Not only does Maceri Produce ensure quality, volume, and an exceptional service at competitive prices, but the culture that stands amongst Maceri Produce members is strong and one-of-a-kind. 


Maceri Produce invites you to be a part of our family. Together we can save TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY, achieving HIGH quality products at your convenience.


Delivered Fresh

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